The Approval Manager is a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations automate and manage all kinds of approvals. System allows to quickly & easily create custom approval forms with customizable fields and approval path.


  • Create an unlimited number of approval templates
  • Customizable approval form fields and approval paths
  • Customizable display settings (default currency, company name)
  • Email notification of approval requests
  • Ability to print approval requests
  • Ability to add multiple attachments to requests
  • Allow groups of Managers the ability to perform administrative functions on selected approval types


Help Desk Plus is simple, customizable, Sharepoint hosted help desk software, that ensures your organization can handle every issue properly. Combined with a custom forms designer, you can design forms for specific help requests (e.g. IT, HR, Finance).


  • Create an unlimited number of different request templates (IT request, Purchase request, HR request etc.)
  • Customizable request form fields (supporting numerous field types such as Text, Choice, Number, Currency etc.)
  • Access management (three levels of users: Employees, Administrators and Technicians)
  • Allows groups of Technicians the ability to perform administrative functions on selected requests
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Every action completed on a request is logged within the request history
  • Ability to add multiple attachments and comments to requests
  • Reporting functionality


Travel Request System is a comprehensive solution designed to help organizations automate and manage two processes related to business travel: approving travel requests and processing expense reports. Travel Request System provides four-state approval workflow for managing both pre-travel and post-travel expenses, enabling managers to effectively control travel plans and expenses. Travel Request System keeps track of all your travel details—requester information (e.g., project, cost center), travel information (e.g., cities, hotels), and travel expenses (e.g., payment method, currency). Excel-like interface for travel expenses is easy to understand and effective to use. Reporting functionality allows executives to make timely decisions based on accurate travel expense analyses. We plan to extend the Travel Request System functionality, and once you purchase it you will have free access to updates.


  • Both pre-travel and post-travel expense management
  • Adding multiple destination support
  • Multiple currencies support
  • Approval workflow
  • Email notification of requests to approve
  • Access management(administrators and simple users)
  • Customizable dictionaries (e.g., company departments, projects)
  • Customizable display settings (default currency, company name)
  • Ability to print travel forms
  • Advanced reporting (e.g., summarizing costs by company department)
  • Ability to add multiple attachments


TimeSheet Plus is Sharepoint-based time tracking software that automates the collection, approval, and reporting of employee work. A user-friendly interface allows employees to conveniently track regular work hours, break time or overtime.


  • Excel-like interface for viewing and working with timesheet data
  • Customizable timesheet period: weekly,bi-weekly or monthly
  • Customizable form fields (supports numerous field types, such as Text, Choice, Number etc.)
  • Customizable approval process (i.e. auto-approved, 2-level approval)
  • Automatic e-mail notifications of approvals and rejections
  • Access management (three levels of users: Employees, Administrators, and Managers)
  • Team management (Managers can only see timesheets created by their subordinates)
  • Reporting functionality shows total hours by project, employee or period
  • Ability to add multiple attachments


SharePoint Contract Manager recognizes your legal team’s need for a contract management system to handle the full contract lifecycle, from contract requests and approvals through obligation management and renewals. Our Enterprise Contract Management Software, built on Microsoft SharePoint (available on Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 – SharePoint Online), automates the contract process, ensuring you never again have to worry about uneconomical contracts auto-renewing, missed opportunities and wasting time searching for and compiling contract information.


  • Know which contracts take priority;
  • Ensure the right people get involved at the right time with custom workflows.
  • Quickly see status updates, metadata, visual reports and workflow history.
  • Find the information you need with targeted search, and get real-time ad hoc reports.
  • For convenience, integrate our software with your electronic signature software.
  • Receive reminders so unused contracts can be renegotiated and aren’t auto-renewed.
  • Easily find contracts and supporting documents in one secure, central repository.