Our consulting practice is focused on the non-technical, advisory and professional services offering. We realise more than often that the biggest challenge with successful implementations is on the non-technical side. We assist our clients with the planning, journey and project management of SharePoint rollouts.

Solution Design

Our goal is to assist organisations in designing optimal and sustainable SharePoint environments. From our experience, we realise that the design phase is one of the most critical building blocks in the overall life of the SharePoint deployment. Our approach is to picture the desired outcome beforehand and work backwards. We then merge subject matter expertise with systems/information architecture principles in order to realise a solution design that uniquely fits its intended organisation.

SharePoint Governance & User Adoption

The SharePointLab senior consultants have expertise in assisting organisations draw up effective SharePoint Governance Plans. From Role & Responsibilities right up to training and support, this team ensures that every facet of the deployment is comprehensively addressed.

SharePoint Branding / User Experience

Our graphic designers capture the essence of the client's brand and creatively apply to the out of the box SharePoint Look & Feel. This brings out the life of SharePoint which enriches the overall user experience.

Customised SharePoint Training

We are able to package customised training interventions that are specific to an organisation's SharePoint needs. We can either do the training on premise or in our premises.


The Solutions practice's focus is in developing robust SharePoint solutions. Although our preference is to use as much of the out-of-the-box functionality, we have solid experience in SharePoint custom development.

SharePoint Custom Development

It is sometimes inevitable that a client would require certain functionality that does not come standard in SharePoint. Our SharePoint developers have solid experience in Visual Studio to harness the SharePoint technology whilst building robust, easy to maintain custom SharePoint functionality.

SharePoint Integration (Business Connectivity Services)

We have the capability to assist clients in integrating existing and future internal systems with SharePoint. Whether its legacy systems, custom applications or CRM solutions; we have the expertise to help clients leverage those systems on the SharePoint platform.

SharePoint Business Process

We have expertise to take advantage of the SharePoint workflow engine in creating powerful business process solutions for our clients. From out-of-the-box simple approvals to more complex scenario based, parallel running, cross-organisational business processes; we ensure robust tightly integrated workflows.


The Operations practice assist clients in the technical side of SharePoint. From configuration to maintenance, our technicians are well equipped to be the helpful hand in an efficiently running SharePoint farm.

SharePoint Deployment & Configuration

Our domain expertise in the Microsoft stack (MS Windows Server, SQL Server, Active Directory, IIS, .Net Framework) allows us to effectively install and deploy the SharePoint technology. Our cross-industry experience further allows us to configure SharePoint in line with the client organisation's current and future needs.

SharePoint Upgrades

We appreciate the value, added functionality and ease of use that newer versions of SharePoint bring to the fore. However, we equally understand the challenges of upgrading to these newer versions. We assist organisations to successfully upgrade to newer versions, irrespective of customisation.

SharePoint Support and Maintenance

Depending on the size and mission criticality of a client's SharePoint environment, we are able to put together customised Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure an effectively running environment 24X7.

SharePoint Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

SharePoint is a vast product and hence is susceptible to errors. We provide a troubleshooting and diagnostics service to assist clients to get to the root cause of these errors and resolve them.

Hosted SharePoint and Cloud Services

Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to leverage off the Windows Azure Cloud environment should a client prefer a hosted solution. Various configurations are available depending on the client's needs.